Bath and Body Works Review: Amber Blush

Store: Bath and Body Works
Brand: Signature Line
Fragrance Collection: N/A
Fragrance: Amber Blush
Form: Preview EDT

Bath and Body Works, Amber Blush Preview

Description: This ultra-feminine scent is a sensual blend of raspberry champagne, gardenia petals and magnolia blossom with a seductive kiss of crystallized amber and creamy vanilla suede.


  • Top- Sparkling Bergamot, Juicy Mandarin, Raspberry Champagne
  • Mid- Jasmine, Gardenia Petals, Star Anise, Apricot Nectar, Magnolia Blossom
  • Dry- Creamy Vanilla Suede, Crystallized Amber, Golden Sandalwood, Soft Musk
Release: Original release set for September 9, now may be delayed until October. Expect a Monday. Test market stores may receive it before other locations.

Fragrance Review: Initially I was noticing alot of floral in this. Later I got a much better idea of it. Fresh, sweet raspberries with a sugary edge which a attribute to the crystallized amber. Toning it down and keeping it from being too sugary we have those musky florals. They bring a fresh quality to the scent without ruining it. I find it to be a very unique fragrance myself, and I'm seriously considering wearing it for my wedding next fall.

Packaging Review: Oh my goodness I am so so so in love with the packaging. In this sample we are fully meant to get a glance at what to expect. These lovely fall type jewel tones with the lovely gold glitter... I love gold glitter, haven't you noticed?

Performance Review: The performance on this is great. I put a little on my wrist yesterday for testing reasons and could still smell it 4-5 hours later. It was just one spray. So it's a great, long lasting scent. Layer it with the lotion and I imagine you'll be able to smell it all day.


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