Bath and Body Works Haul: Forever Midnight, Amber Blush, and Pumpkin Pecan Waffles

Shopping Sweetheart

Hello everyone! Well today I was able to get my Forever Midnight and Amber Blush previews and I was SO excited! I really wanted to test both out, because I'm trying to decide between those two and Forever Red for my wedding fragrance. Of course, I can't make the final call until I smell the lotion.

So I stopped in one store and they had Amber Blush previews at the register for $3. This is not my normal store, but I'm assuming my normal store must have had them out as well. In fact, that's probably what my manager meant when she told me Amber Blush was coming out this week... She meant the preview size, but didn't specify.

Alright, well this store had them by the register. I asked about Forever Midnight and was told she received enough for her staff, but currently had none to give customers. Honestly I thought that was a little funny, but okay. I was under the impression that the free samples were being distributed to stores to give to customers. So I passed on buying anything there. She did mention, however, that there was supposed to be a Preview Party in September. I asked her if this was the exclusive event and she said no, but there might be two events for Forever Midnight. One smaller one as a "Preview" Party where customers get a sample with a specific purchase, all stores should do this. And then a Premiere Party which will happen in select stores, one of which is my regular store.

Then I stopped at another store just 10 minutes away on my way home. This one had no Amber Blush by the register, but when I asked about both that and Forever Midnight the manager went right to the back to bring both out. I got so excited, and was even more excited when she told me the Forever Midnight was free. I was prepared to shell out $12-15 for the preview, so you can imaged I was thrilled.

Now both stores today had Pumpkin Pecan Waffles 3 Wick and HFO going, and they smelled amazing. I thought I had walked into a Kopper Popper. So I also picked up the green owl HFO warmer, the Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, and the little wire fox tag. Total, about $10. The owl will be for my bathroom, and I'm using the wire fox as a bookmark.

Forever Midnight, Midnight for Men, Amber Blush, Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Owl Oil Warmer, Wire Fox

Amber Blush Preview $3
Green Ceramic Owl Oil Warmer $0 (Free item up to $14 value coupon)
Pumpkin Pecan Waffle HFO $6.50
Wire Fox Tag $1.50


  1. That's very odd about the Forever Midnight thing. Enough for her staff? At my store, the staff don't get them because they're for the customers. Glad you got your hands on it anyway! The way I understood it was they got sets of the samples to give out to people who bring in the postcards or customers they see regularly.

    1. Serena is right. She may not have offered you the Forever Midnight samples if they already know which customers they want to give them to. The stores were told to keep 70% for the customers who receive the Forever Midnight offer in the mail and give 30% to their "regulars." Since you mentioned this wasn't your normal store, that could be why she didn't give you one.

    2. I already knew the stores were supposed to be giving it to people with the coupons and their regulars :) But after telling me she received enough just for her staff she said she thought she would be getting more if I wanted to check back in after a couple weeks. And my store was the same last year... I went in for one and they said they had only received enough for their staff. If one hadn't been sent to me already I wouldn't have gotten a Forever Red sample.

  2. Is the Forever Midnight for men a very heavy scent and is it really leathery?

    1. I don't think so... It's like an awesome combination of Ocean, Oak, and Twilight Woods. Like a little woodsy, a little musky, a little spicy, and little fresh, and a tiny edge of sweet for the caramel but just barely there.


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