2/8/13 Blog Comments

I sincerely apologize for this, but as we all know the behavior of a few can ruin it for everyone else.

I've had a highly stressful time at work. I am trying to plan a wedding. I am trying to help Stephen who is extremely stressed by his load of school work. Lets add in sick and exhausted.

This isn't to incite sympathy, this is to give you my present state of mind. Which is that I am not putting up with any further crap from anyone.

For the weekend I am closing my blog to anonymous comments. Once I'm feeling better people can leave nasty comments to their hearts content and I'll put up with deleting them one by one. But not this weekend. This weekend I will get my rest.

By the way, I love my fans and I'm sorry I'm closing myself off for the weekend. A lot of my good fans still know how to get ahold of me, and you're welcome to.


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