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Dear Readers,

I am so pleased to officially announce that my new blog, Cia Pink Pumpkin, is now launched! We are still polishing things up, but the site is up and fully functional!

Why did I make this move? All through summer I had been thinking about opening a second blog... Because I am not who I was when I started See it Love it Buy it. I wanted a place for crafts and recipes. A place where I could blog once I was married and, down the road, when I have kids. See it Love it Buy it, while great, doesn't strike me as a mommy blog.

However, I started wondering how on earth I would manage to run two blogs. One was already sapping all of my time and energy. When I was made aware of the lengths to which some others had gone to with the intention of restricting my blog growth, I decided it wasn't worth it. At least not on here. So I decided I would start over completely on a new blog.

This wasn't an easy decision... Leaving behind everything I have done here and starting over. But now that my new blog is finished, it is 100% worth it. Cia Pink Pumpkin is everything I was hoping it would be!

So what's different about Cia Pink Pumpkin?

Don't worry, my love for Bath and Body Works hasn't diminished! I have a category titled "See it Love it Buy it", so you can easily find all the usual posts about reviews and news of our favorite store. I'll also be adding any cosmetic, home fragrance, and style posts there as well.

I've also added special areas for crafts and recipes, both of which I hope to be doing more of! You can preview them as a visitor under Delicious Dining and Craft Corner, and register as a user to get the recipes and instructions.

There's an Entertainment section for whenever I want to gab about music, movies, tv, or books. I haven't put much there yet but just wait until the New Year... Pretty Little Liars, Ravenswood, Dance Moms, and Downtown Abbey! I will be rather busy.

Of course I have my Sweetheart Bride category for posts about my upcoming wedding... I haven't done anything with the wedding for a few months, because I'm still way ahead. After the wedding this will be replaced by my posts about being a newlywed bride :)

A new section added is the Anti Bullying section. Whether it be online or offline, amongst adults or adolescents... It has been an ongoing issue in my life since I started blogging, and I've recently become involved in giving and receiving support from those in a similar situation. I wanted a place to share the resources I find in regards to this topic.

The final new category... Last but not least... Preschool!!! I recently was hired as a preschool teacher and I am so excited! I've worked with children for years through dance, and I am excited that this is now what I'll be doing with my life. Look forward to plenty of coloring pages, simple crafts, and activities perfect for those little ones!!!

So that's the rundown of the new blog... Cia Pink Pumpkin! I can't wait to see you there!!!

Bath and Body Works News: Holiday Mason Jars, Winter Fresh Picked, and new Lip Gloss

Courtesy of Miss Em Cee! Thank you Em!!!

 The recipe for you new favorite winter drink... fragrant notes of market fresh cider, fine apple brandy and cinnamon

 Festive & Fun- a marry mixture of juicy mango, mandarin, and a hint of champagne instantly gives your celebrations a topical feel

Bath and Body Works Sale Update: Pocketbac Sale Changes

Previously, I wrote about pocketbacs being 8 for $8. This is the sign in my local store..
I am hoping that this is not a lasting promotion. Purchasing 8 pocketbacs for a good price is kinda ridiculous, especially since they make a generic berry scent in almost every collection they release. Has anyone seen this in their store?

Bath and Body Works Haul: County Fair Event, Store Changes, and Test Store in Disguise?

I hope you are enjoying this beginning of autumn weekend. In my neck of the woods, the mornings greet me with crisp air but the afternoons are still quite a bit warm.

I visited my store last Saturday to get the free gift with home fragrance purchase. Since 2 for $22 candles was still running, I picked up 3 more candles, spending just over $24. Holiday Gathering seems like a complete repackage of Leaves but I will write an update after I give it a burn.

White Barn Nutmeg & Spice: Why haven't I discovered this scent before?! It is lightly sweet ad bakery, almost like a spiced gingerbread cookie. I hope this burns well because on cold throw, I am loving it!

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles: This is actually a gift because I have already purchased and burned one. I don't get ANY pumpkin from this candle, on either warm or cold throw. However, I do like the sweet, nutty scent this has.If you enjoy bakery scents, I recommend it.

Roasted Pumpkin Butter: HIDDEN GEM! I am never able to purchase the test scents because I don't have a credit card and I find the process a bit of a hassle, especially because survey coupons aren't accepted anymore for them. I was extremely surprised to see this in my store. It smells like the inside of a peanut butter cup. I haven't burned this just yet though.

This now raises a question.. is my local store a test store in disguise? I personally don't think so because it may just be that they received these items as a fluke. The local BBW that I usually visit also had in the Aloha pocketbacs (earlier this summer which were exclusive to Hawaii, I believe) and they released the Smart Soap dispensers and refills back this spring. I think they still carry the refills as well. However, I may not even be able to find out if this is a test store because of my most recent experience there..

I last went to the store on Thursday to exchange a Leaves candle for a Pumpkin Carving (for a gift). The Leaves 3-Wick had stopped burning for some reason. Being the unorganized mess after school that I usually am, I forgot my receipt but I usually never have a problem making an even exchange. I was expecting, candle for candle, no questions asked.

I noticed that over the past two months, my local BBW has been getting ALOT of new employees. I don't see any of the familiar faces anymore. Thursday was no exception. The woman who checked out my purchase seemed a bit ticked off. (maybe because of a previous customer?) She asked for me driver's license and handed over my student ID. (I don't have my license just yet and I do not typically carry around my permit) She told me that she could not do the return without a driver's license. I questioned her and she was very reluctant on exchanging my candle. She made me feel like my purchase was not appreciated at all, as if customers were dispensible. I usually NEVER have trouble using my student ID as my piece of identification.

Little did she know that I was going to call customer service and let them know about this experience. I was informed that stores ask for driver's licenses but they are definitely not required and customers should not be treated rudely for not having one. The woman on the phone was very understanding of my situation. I just don't understand why the woman was no unprofessional in dealing with the situation. Not once did she smile and not once did she try to explain the policy to me. It was like she thought I was too young or too incompetent to understand it. She ended up exchanging the candle for me after she acted like she was gifting it to me and I should kiss the ground she walks on. It really ruined my day and if not for the weekend to look forward to, I would be much more upset. After that experience it leaves me wondering; what if a 14 year old were to return something without a receipt? Are teenagers supposed to have their parents on hand at the wave of a wand or something?

I later learned that she is the new manager of the store that I frequent as well. I was close with the last manager and I was unaware of the change until Thursday. I am pretty reluctant on even going back to this store now because my first interaction with this manager was less than satisfactory. I have really only ran into poor customer service once or twice in the past 3 years I have been shopping at BBW.

Sorry about this long rant-esque post. I hope you are all well. Anybody excited to enjoy Saturday? I am! Even though I have a lot of work ahead of me.. How was everybody's week? Has the sweater weather graced your neighborhoods?

Bath and Body Works News: First Look Forever Midnight!!!

OMG! So I'm on day 2 of a new job, and when I got out of work I wanted to stop at B&BW to redeem some app points. There are 2 within five minutes of my new workplace, so I picked one at random to visit. Thank goodness I picked the one I did!

As I'm walking down the hall of the mall I walk past the newly remodeled PINK and Victoria's Secret stores, now separated. Victoria's Secret is all black and hot pink, with black and white pictures around the store of the models. Very nice! PINK embodies the same look that it always has, just amped up. I keep walking to B&BW...

... and inside the door I am greeted with the sight of the Forever Midnight display table front and center.

My heart did a series of Olympic worthy flips in excitement. This was completely unexpected. I was able to snag pictures of most items that were out, displayed below...

Forever Midnight Display
Forever Midnight Display Table

Forever Midnight EDT
Forever Midnight EDT

Forever Midnight Lotion
Forever Midnight Lotion

Forever Midnight Shower Gel
Forever Midnight Shower Gel

Forever Midnight TMC
Forever Midnight TMC

Now I smelled the lotion, as I've been wanting and... I'm undecided. It seems very floral, that's all.

On other news... the Toast of the Night line was out. Hot Buttered Rum, Cranberry Pear Bellini, Black Tie, Champagne Toast, and Party Dress. They had 3 Wicks and Minis. The minis were so cute! They had the same lid the 3 Wicks do, but the labels... Each had a tiny little icon representing the candle on the label. Like a little martini glass, a little dress, a champagne flute, etc. Loved it.

Finally, I got to smell the Harvest Gathering candle in 3 Wick. It was nice, but not that unique. On first sniff I thought of Leaves. Actually, kind of a mix of Leaves and Nutmeg and Spice. Not sure if I'm worried about pursuing it or not. Looks like I won't make the event Saturday so... Probably not happening.

So, what do you think of the Forever Midnight packaging? Which, by the way, is part of the "Premium Line" along with Forever Red. So my theory since last year of B&BW trying to have a "luxe" line... Sounds about right :)

Bath and Body Works Haul: Amber Blush, Forever Midnight, and More!

So I woke up this morning and the first thing on my agenda... Dentist. Bleh. But I had a tiny cavity that needed filling. It actually kind of stinks, when my braces were taken off there was a considerable gap between two teeth... Don't ask me why. I just know it's a very difficult area to keep clean, and that's where the filling needed to be done. So off to the dentist. Needle to the front of the mouth sucks, and I had three total... 2 initially to numb me, then a third afterwards because my gums were bleeding kind of bad and it was supposed to help. I went home very numb and puffy, like chipmunk puffy... But around my upper lip as opposed to my cheek. So I just laid down when I got home and played on my phone, sitting up periodically to check my lip in the mirror. Eventually I had to stop worrying about my lip and take a shower. I used my new Amber Blush shower gel, which was amazing!!! I wore the Amber Blush TMC, plus my new Old Navy sweater. After I started doing my makeup and noticed the swelling in my lip hasn't gone down at all. I start playing with the area and you won't believe it... But they had one tiny cotton swab shoved so high up in my lip that I didn't know it was there! I was so stressed at the dentist that I didn't even notice them put it in! Once that was out my lip was barely swollen.

Sorry for the side track! After all that trauma I felt thoroughly entitled to a trip to B&BW, and it was well worth my while! Thanks to a couple exchanges, some coupons, etc... I made out like a bandit!

Forever Midnight, Amber Blush, Twilight Woods
(L-R: Forever Midnight Insider Sample, Amber Blush Travel Size Shower Gel, Amber Blush Full Lotion, Amber Blush Fine Fragrance Mist, Twilight Woods Shower Gel, Amber Blush EDT, Hot Water Carafe)

Alright so here's the run down...

Forever Midnight Sample FREE!!! My manager is totally amazing! I've been able to get two samples of Forever Midnight, just like I got two samples of Forever Red last year. This second sample is going in my sister's cheer fundraising raffles basket.

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Mini Candle FREE!!! I went the day before with my free mini candle coupon, but it never made it in my bag after the transaction. I mentioned this to the manager when I got to the store and she looked through some of the shopping bags behind the counter and sure enough we found a Pumpkin Pecan Waffles mini candle in one of them. So she honored it and I was able to bring home this candle for my mom and dad :)

Amber Blush Lotion, FFM, and Travel Shower Gel... Exchange! I originally bought up a bunch of Sweet Pea for my spring wedding... Except our wedding date changed to October 4, so I wanted a fall scent and settled on this. So I exchanged the things I bought for my wedding (and hadn't used) for Amber Blush, which is what I want to wear for my now autumn wedding.

Twilight Woods Shower Gel FREE!!! Courtesy of my points in the iPhone app!

10 Amber Blush Preview EDT's $20! These are for my 8 beautiful bridesmaids, as part of their gift before the wedding. I picked up the extra 2 for the moms to make it a round 10. I have to say... I never like when people buy out the entire supply, or a large quantity of samples... But I felt comfortable since there were a ton left, and the full size was out.

Last but not least... It's NOT from Bath and Body Works, but from Bed Bath and Beyond! I had a giftcard leftover from Christmas and a 20% off mailer, so I got this thermal carafe. We're going to Amish Country with friends in a couple weeks to a pumpkin patch and a little picnic... Rather than buy hot drinks from the stands at the farm we are taking hot water, tea bags, hot chocolate, and apple cider packets so we can have what we want cheap. It's 2 liters, so hopefully it'll be enough for us each to have a drink or two. It was about $25.

So that was my whole shopping trip! I was pretty happy at the end.

**Please note that this shopping trip was taken last Friday, and I started typing it last Friday... Which is why the post starts out about "what I did today" even though it's what I did Friday.

Have you gotten any amazing deals from B&BW lately?

Maybelline New York Review: Fit Me! Liquid Foundation and Pressed Powder

Hello everyone! Well last weekend while in a rush a managed to backhand my foundation off the counter in a manner which splattered it across my bathroom. Lovely. So when I was out yesterday I knew that foundation was high on my purchase list.

I stopped at Target first, but I was at a total loss on what to buy. The foundation I spilled was one that I fished out of the clearance bin at Target that happened to be my skin tone... The foundation before that was a free gift from my makeup artist at Clinique. And prior to that I didn't wear liquid foundation. I looked for a minute, had three containers in my hands, then decided to put them all back and go to ULTA. I figured there I could talk to someone about what would be best for me.

That, unfortunately, was not as helpful as I would like. I repeatedly said I was on a budget and was looking to spend about $8-10, yet I was constantly directed over to the higher end brands. I left there empty handed and with no further help than "well, you'll always want the lightest or second lightest shade available". Since I have blindingly white skin, I kind of figured.

So at this point I went for a last ditch effort at Walmart. I only stop in there every so often, but I wanted to see their seasonal section. I checked out makeup too and was surprised.

The one foundation which caught my eye most was the Maybelline New York Fit Me line. At Target the liquid and powder were each $5.94. At ULTA they were $7.99 each and, although online reflects them as B1G1 1/2 off, in store they told me that line was excluded from that particular deal.

Walmart this was marked at $5.04 each. I opted for both the liquid and pressed powder.

Maybelline New York, Fit Me Foundation
Maybelline New York Fit Me

So this morning I'm getting ready for my first day at my new job... And I'm in love with this makeup. While my previous foundation always seemed a little noticeable, this blended right in with my skin. It lightened my freckles and evened out my skin tone, and you couldn't tell the difference from it and the skin on my neck. Not only that, but it lasted all day. Typically at the end of the day my makeup wipe just has a teeny bit of tan here or there, showing where the foundation was wiped off. Today I had to use one makeup wipe for my face, and another for my eyes... Because the one for my face took so much off.

This product is definitely getting a good old xoxo from me!